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WhatsApp Broadcasting is our Bread and Butter

We breathe the language of WhatsApp Business APIs because we believe in its potential. We are experts in driving impactful conversational marketing campaigns to lure your customers.

Setup WhatsApp Business API

No sweat setup process for WABA account for your business with minimal requirements.

Whatsapp Template Authorization

Boutique services to help send unique templates driven messages to customers to improve sales.

Reports on a Dashboard

Access all broadcast message reports from our dashboard to get a bird’s eye view of the campaign.

Vertical Centric Campaigns

Every niche needs unique conversational campaigns that will help gain traction from customers.

Converse with target audience

Start exciting conversations with existing customers and potentially interested customers through Whatsapp broadcasting.

Why can D2C brands benefit from using Whatsapp Business API?

As businesses scale, the switch to WhatsApp Business API is inevitable. This coupled with the necessity for D2C brands to have a great customer satisfaction and experience pushes for the need for WhataApp Business API. We help you achieve success with your WhatsApp Business API installation and win at Broadcasting services to boost sales.


Why is bulk Whatsapp broadcasting and marketing beneficial for your business?

  1. Accessibility to target audience
  2. Economic options under social media
  3. Used by customers from 109 countries
  4. Available in 53 languages globally
  5. Share your proposals, business news, and promotions to 1000+ customers at a time
  6. Supports share-ability of multimedia content such as brochures, videos, links, audios, and catalogs
  7. Create groups with 256 users at a time
  8. Increased Customer engagement.
  9. Track message delivery

Why is WhatsApp Broadcasting and Marketing useful for Companies in Dubai?

All Arab countries have a lot of potential in terms of buying and spending. As a brand if you can leverage it rightly through conversations using WhatsApp Broadcasting and Marketing to drive sales, there is no easier way to make more money in your business.

What can Time for Digital Marketing do for your business?

  1. We help you setup a WhatsApp Business API account.
  2. We help create content/ messages that incorporate hyperlinks in messages to promote sales.
  3. We create highly compelling WhatsApp campaigns, engaging graphics and promotional offers to help your business.
  4. We help you schedule daily or weekly broadcast messages to potential leads and customers.
  5. We get you an approved WABA profile thereby increasing your daily messaging limit
  6. We constantly monitor, track and manage traffic for guaranteed delivery.
  7. We share lead reports to you to enable ROI calculations for your benefits.

What are the steps to follow to run a successful Whatsapp Broadcasting Campaign?

There are 5 simple steps to do whatsapp marketing

  1. Set up a WhatsApp for Business API account according to compliance
  2. Make a relevant broadcast contact list
  3. Create a broadcast message and send it across segmented groups for best results
  4. Give a prompt reply to all potential customers who reply to your post
  5. Undeniable Offers help you gain better conversions.

How to do WhatsApp broadcasting in Dubai?

As a small business owner you can always use WhatsApp Business App to send messages to your customers. However as your business is scaling, you need an account with WhatsApp Business API (WABA) to help you communicate with all your customers and potential buyers effectively. With TFDM, we help you by taking care of all your WABA requirements. Our boutique offerings allows you to enjoy freedom while we do all your heavy lifting. This is why all our customers love us.

How much does WhatsApp charge for bulk Whatsapp Broadcasting?

WhatsApp Business API provides business with 1000 free company initiated conversations every month. Any number of messages beyond these are chargeable based on the country  of business.  The fee for UAE per additional Business-initiated conversation is $0.0316 per conversation, and User-initiated conversation is $0.0190 per conversation. You monthly amount totally depends on how many messages your company decides to broadcast.

Which Is The Best WhatsApp Marketing Company In Dubai, UAE?

There are numerous WhatsApp Broadcasting and Marketing Agencies in Dubai, However, Time for Digital Marketing (TFDM) is a reputed WhatsApp Broadcasting and Marketing Company that is known for its customized strategies. TFDM can provide tailor made strategies that are immersive in nature and  effective in user engagement.