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Shamaar Early Learning Center was our first client in the UAE. They are an early learning center based out of Dubai. They previously had a single-page website, which struggled to garner more traffic. Their predominant focus was on the mobile responsiveness of the website.

TFDM helped to develop their dream website in their very own conceptualized design. The website was supposed to bring the childish element of the school to the design while keeping in mind all the technical aspects of a website. We also had to keep in mind the on-page technical aspects. This was to prevent leaks, especially once we started paid promotions for them if required in the future.


Launched in under 15 days from concept to conceptualization, we were simultaneously able to start working with keywords which helped quicken the ranking process. We brought in fun and helpful keywords to bring traffic to their website. Design that captures the eye, dynamic movements that helped enhance user interactions, and finally, a website on Page one of Google search results was everything the client ever wanted.


Launched from day 1, we ranked for the first set of keywords within the first month after we launched. As a part of our SEO activity, we have consistently added content to the website each month. The added content brought so much value to the readers that we were also featured on generative AI for “Play-Based Learning in Dubai.”

From then to Now, in 7 months, this early Learning Center has ranked for all 15 keywords we launched as Phase 1 of SEO. We have sustained and improved over this content and helped the Center to Launch its Second Branch in Dubai. We are now constantly adding newer keywords to this list.

Paid Promotions

TFDM has been their exclusive marketing agency, and we executed paid ads for their special classes that panned over the summer. We generated a 1900% Return on Investment for their spending.

Content Marketing

As their marketing agency, we made it a point to invest in a consistent content-building strategy for their website. This proved to be their strongest point as we progressed with SEO. The content was how the learning center connected with potential customers.

Social Media

Consistently showing up on social media has been a boon for them. Using simple yet engaging posts and videos shot from within their center’s original setup helped them prove their originality while keeping it authentic and delivering what they initially assured parents. Organic growth is their biggest supporter, as they acquired potential customers through their following.
If you are an Early Learning Center Looking for similar or even better results, write to us, and we will develop an exciting custom strategy that works for your center. We also help position your brand effectively and promote USPs based on what you have to offer your customers.