• One stop WhatsApp Broadcasting Boutique


    Whatsapp Marketing simplifies sales, increases profitability and improves customer satisfaction.
  • Conversations with Customers Simplified


    Great offers and simple whatsapp messaging is all you need to help customers buy your products and services.
  • Updates at every Milestone


    Customers love to stay ahead of their purchases. Keep them informed about packaging, shipping and delivery of your products.

    Whatsapp Marketing agency for D2C brands in Dubai

    The time for digital marketing via Whatsapp messaging is here. We integrate WhatsApp Broadcasting with your CRM tool to converse with your customers effectively.

    98%+ Open Rate for Messages

    2000 Million Active Users

    Fastest Mode of Communication

    Single App, Multi-Purpose

    Why choose Us for your bulk Whatsapp marketing?

    Reasons to consider using Whatsapp Broadcasting?

    Quick and Easy

    Whatsapp marketing helps you communicate faster with your customers. Quick and easy way to close more deals.

    Long Sales Cycles

    Long gaps between communication can cause warm leads to change their minds about purchasing your product.

    Expensive Ads

    Organic growth on social media is dead and social media ads push small businesses into loss as they are expensive.

    Lesser Margins

    Cost of acquiring new customers gets expensive as D2C companies try to scale, thereby directly affecting the margins.

    Built by Business Owners for Business Owners

    A custom boutique for unique business requirements makes us the Best Whatsapp Marketing and Broadcasting Agency in the Middle East.

    Whatsapp Broadcasting to scalability

    Connect simultaneously with all your customers through Whatsapp broadcasting. The platform allows you to communicate faster, with personalizations and leverage your customers with the right messaging.

    Whatsapp Marketing made Industry Specific

    TFDM is experienced in targeting industry specific audiences. Our use cases are numerous and we have the perfect messaging recommendation for all your needs.


    - Seena Abraham Founder of Flyon Technologies

    TFDM has been providing us SEO and content services for our clients. They've been extremely reliable and diligent with all the projects they have undertaken.

    - Farseek Founder of Haadi Technical Services, UAE

    TFDM has been our SEO and content strategy team. They've provided us with great content that was relatable to our customers.

      Whatsapp Marketing made Industry Specific

      Post the pandemic era, humans prefer minimal touch and interactions. This makes WhatsApp the best means of communication to help them stay updated about your brand.